The Forecast World Market Trends Rattan – Part 2

The Forecast World Market Trends Rattan – Part 1
October 11, 2016
November 1, 2016

The Forecast World Market Trends Rattan – Part 2

Item rattan are traditional products of Vietnam.

Vietnam is also one of the countries with advantages in materials and workmanship knitting. Rattan goods scattered throughout the country, including northern and central focus more on products rattan and rush, Southwest region focus on water hyacinth products, leaf released … to help enterprises Vietnam exported items, the following article would introduce a number of trends on the world market in 2015:

The increase in online sales (online).

The trend of online sales for most product groups, including household decoration is increasing, however, the characteristics of the crafts, the image seen through no substitute for seeing and feeling row received directly, the sales through the store with actual space retains an important role. Most large products such as furniture, decorative lights, online sales have a lower rate than the small household appliances, low value.

Competition for the supply of goods in the future is still in Asia .

The produced water crafts are evident from Chinese competition. China will continue to grow and be one of the suppliers capable of coordinating the market due to price competition and production technology. In the future, China can point to compete with through improved product design, but strong in China only for products that are mass-produced in large scale industrial nature, for with more refined products are handmade in developing country, China will have to give way. These exquisite handmade products will be included in the premium market segment, for countries such as Vietnam, India …

Although we see the stiff competition from China because they have too many interests Indeed, many experts believe that China is still unable to overwhelming competition. The current import visitors tend to look for purchases from developing countries outside China with a lot of different reasons: to diversify products, to buy lower quantities and orders RPM faster, or simply boredom for Chinese products.

The role of the fair is to maintain and strengthen

With the development of Internet and information technology, many people believe that they can find through online shopping and buy directly from the manufacturer without having to come to the Expo. Some also said that today there are too many fairs are held very close to each other over time, both exhibitors and buyers are unable to participate in the end, and they must be carefully selected to attend the fair and visit the fair. Most participants attend the fair just a few years the fair quality, and when most people are usually interested in the early years. They attended the famous fair as the New York International Gift Fair, America’s Mart in Atlanta, Ambiente in Frankfurt. However, many surveys show that the fairs are still important. Through the fair, buyers, sellers can see, feel and compare different products at a certain time in a certain place. They not only participate in the fair to purchase, it is important that they can see the new trends of the market, as well as evaluate the competitors …

Concerns environmental and social responsibility is increasing .

In recent years, the importers tend to care about workers ‘remuneration policy, health care, working conditions, workers’ living environment and development policies for sustainable production the manufacturers in Asia. This concern will be increasing, and the trend is clearly in the next decade. Importers and consumers in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan will become increasingly interested in the origin of the products are produced in factories and ensure compliance with the social responsibility and accountability environment. This requires great efforts from the manufacturers when they have to upgrade the production environment, pay more attention to workers and working conditions.

Development design services group in several countries to increase competitiveness .

In Vietnam, the design team virtually undeveloped despite a number of design schools. No specific statistics but most reviews have said that over 80% of product design in rattan handicrafts group of Vietnam is provided by the customer, the Vietnam now merely outsourcing, sale of materials and labor, rather than create the real added value. Due to lack of design, and village enterprises often copied by other models, making negative competition within the group increasingly more intense and caused the decline of the group throughout the value chain.

Development of fair trade .

Fair trade has been thriving in the world. However, fair trade in Vietnam has not been developed. The concept of fair trade is quite new, the number of actors involved in fair trade is very limited, especially the participation of ethnic minority groups. The whole territory of Vietnam with only six fair trade company [1] and a Support Organisation fair trade [2] affiliated organization World Fair Trade WFTO. Businesses and organizations can meet and support part for the development of the bamboo industry.

But no policy trade promotion fair in Vietnam but also fair trade contributes lay the foundation for the regulation of social responsibility for trade conventions such as not using child labor, no photo environmental issues, etc .. -is the principles numerous companies and corporations in the world to apply. The supreme goal of fair trade is to improve the quality of life for employees through business partners among manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Fairtrade aims to “pay for the workers as much as possible” instead of “as little as possible”. With the increasing awareness of international clients as well as the development trend towards products with social responsibility and encourage the participation of poor women and ethnic minorities, the trade fair will stronger development in Vietnam in the coming time. (End)

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